Prenatal Yoga Class




Pre-natal exercise class for mummas to be. Prepare your body for the physical demands of pregnancy, birth & postpartum recovery. Focus on maintaining fitness & increasing energy levels through safe exercise 

Pre-natal exercise class for Mummas wanting to stay active during pregnancy. Reduce stress & improve sleep quality by allowing your mind & body the freedom of movement and mindfulness. Exercising safely through each trimester can increase energy levels & reduce those pregnancy aches & pains. Classes provide a welcoming environment where you can meet & share experiences with other like-minded Mumma's to be.

Feel empowered & strong with BumpFit.




Post-natal exercise class for mumma's & babies. Safe & effective exercise designed to combat common postpartum challenges. Changes like diastisis recti & incontinence are common, but don't have to be your new normal.

Classes are post-natal friendly with specific exercises targeted to develop strength & fitness. Mums will be guided through a safe & effective full-body workout to help activate muscles, mobilise joints & rebuild strength.

MummaFit understands the importance of efficient & functional movement, that's why you'll build a solid foundation by safely rebuilding your core and pelvic floor. 

You'll soon be fit to run around after your little one!

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Post-natal exercise class for mumma's & buggies. Feel the benefits of fresh air & exercise while your little one watches the world squat & lunge by.  

Enjoy an outdoor workout whatever the weather, with your little one by your side. Build up a sweat with heart raising exercises designed to improve cardiovascular & muscular fitness. Classes in Oxford's parks, an hour of exercise with beautiful views for you & baby that will help with the demands of motherhood.